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Terms of purchase and use of GoSwift services and refunds

Before buying, read carefully through the terms and conditions, as restrictions apply to later changes.


  GoSwift − queue management information system
  Queue − waiting list on the basis of which visitors are directed into the TV Tower
  Queue number − unique number issued to each visitor used to summon the visitor to enter the tower
  Booking time − time interval for visiting the TV Tower observation platform

1. Purchasing service

1.1. The core GoSwift service is based around taking a place in the queue.
1.2. Payment for the service can be made via the online interfaces of Swedbank, SEB Bank, Sampo and Nordea Bank (bank link), Visa and Mastercard, and − for EMT or Elisa customers − by m-payment.
1.3. Before paying for the service, buyers should check what is in their shopping cart and be sure that it is exactly what they intended. Later refunds are not possible, except for cases described in clause 4.
1.4. If services or quantities have erroneously been added to the cart and are not desired, the rows or quantities in the cart should be cleared and filled with the correct data.
1.5. The price of service in the cart includes VAT.

2. The booking time can be selected online

2.1. The booking can be made 30 days in advance.
2.2. The fastest and most convenient way to make bookings online is through the website
2.3. Once you are at the TV Tower, you can register for the queue at the box office.

3. When booking online or by telephone, send the system the name of the visitor, the number of tickets desired and the interval when you wish to visit the TV Tower observation platform

4. Refunds

4.1. No refunds are given for tickets that are not used within the allotted time. Ticket money is refunded if it proved impossible to use the services due to the fault of SA Tallinna Teletorn or GoSwift. Other exceptional cases that made it impossible to use or change the service in the allotted time shall be handled on a case by case basis.

5. The booking time can be changed only once and only 3 or more hours before the appointed entry time.

Service by:

GoSwift OÜ
reg. nr. 10673059 KMKR EE 100619906
Mäealuse 2/1, 12618 Tallinn