1. What tickets can be purchased through the bookings system?
Express ticket 13€, discount ticket 7€, family ticket 27 €, edgewalk for one person 25€, edgewalk ticket for 4 − 75€. All tickets purchased in the booking system are for entry at a specific time. 

2. Why is the e-ticket more expensive than the ordinary TV Tower ticket?
The e-ticket comes with a guarantee of admission at a specific time. An express ticket can also be purchased in person instead of an ordinary ticket to ensure faster admission. The Express ticket costs 17 euros when bought at the TV Tower.

3. Aren’t tickets for discount holders available through the booking system?
Discounted e-tickets are available, 7€. For information on all other tickets and special offers, go to http://www.teletorn.ee/et/piletid. 

4. Can I change the admission time of tickets bought online?
You can change the time a maximum of one time, as long as there is at least 3 hours left before the entry time. To change your ticket, click on “Change booking”.

5. What happens if I am late to the TV Tower?
You forfeit your entry time, but you can still use the e-ticket for ordinary entry the same day. There are no refunds for tickets not used by the right time.

6. OK, so I have my Express Ticket? How should I plan my visit to the TV Tower?
Come to the TV Tower at the appointed time (we recommend arriving 15-20 minutes earlier and enjoying the exhibits on the ground floor) and wait your turn. The electronic display board will notify you when it is time to head to the lifts. If you have provided us with your phone number, you will also receive a text reminder.

7. Why can’t I buy more than 9 tickets at one time?
Group bookings (10 people and up) are handled by e-mail at teletorn@teletorn.ee.

8. How is the queue managed at the TV Tower?
If you buy a ticket at the TV Tower, you will get a queue number and information on how many people are in front of you. The display screens in the lobby, the website and text messages will give you information on exactly when it is your turn to enter. You can make the time go faster with activities and exhibits in the area, in both the TV Tower and the surroundings.

9. Where can I get information on EVENTS held at the TV Tower?
TV Tower box office telephone: 6863005 (10.00-18.30) and the TV Tower website www.teletorn.ee/en , under EVENT CALENDAR.