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Here you can book an Visit Ticket and Family Ticket for admission to the TV Tower at a specific chosen time, to buy year ticket, walking on the edge or restaurant gift card and get live information on the queue length at the TV Tower. All other tickets must be purchased in person at the TV Tower.



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If you visit the TV Tower but visibility is poor on that day, please stop by the ticket office to get a check stamped on your ticket. That will entitle you to visit the TV Tower again FREE OF CHARGE at any time in the following 2 months!
*The Good Weather Guarantee is good for 2 months from your first visit!

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The season ticket includes:

* free entry during official working hours for a whole year
* 10% discount: Walk on the Edge,  souvenir shop, cafe-restaurant
* 50% discount on entrance ticket to tower for one friend
* free evening entry to the restaurant with 3 friends

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 Great gift for family and friends!

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